Angling on the Clady


The Clady is Catch and Release only for 2011.

The Clady River flows through wild moorland for around 5 miles draining Lough Nacung at Gweedore and flowing through Bunbeg to join the Crolly River estuary. Access to the river is relatively easy although the banks are fairly rough. Water is taken from the head of the Clady and channeled to a hydroelectric power station at the mouth of the River Crolly. This means the natural flow of the river has been affected and water is let down the Crolly in 24 freshets between May and September. Angling is most productive after these artificial floods, as with a spate river, and indeed 8 or 9 salmon in a day is not uncommon.


The Clady gets a good run of grilse with the odd autumn salmon. The river flow is controlled by a hydroelectric power station at the head of the river. A total of 18 freshets are let down the river each season to assist fish in ascending the river in addition to the output of the station. The best of the run occurs at the end of June and July (often when the power station lets freshes down the river). There is also a run of sea trout, which is at its highest at the end of August and though not large, is improving. Most sea trout are caught in the evening, downstream of Bunbeg Bridge.

The fishery occupies the bottom 3½ miles of the river. Angling is not allowed between the dam and the bridge. Angling methods vary. In the stretches closer to the mouth of the river, spinning and worming is popular. In the higher stretches fly-fishing is more popular. Useful flies include Ally’s shrimp, Badger, Curry’s Red shrimp, but any of the most popular shrimp flies should fish well.


  • The salmon season is from April 1st to September 30th inclusive.
  • The sea trout season is from February 2nd to October 12th inclusive.
  • The brown trout season is from 15th February to 12th October inclusive.




Anglers are advised that fishing can be dangerous and those who fish the following waters do so at their own risk. The hotel and its agents are not liable for any personal accidents, theft or damage to anglers or their possessions.

The cost for a 1 day Salmon Rod Licence €20 and a 21 day  is €40.

An Annual District License is €56

Clady River

A day permit costs €25 per adult and €12 per juvenile whilst a weeks permit, 7 consecutive days will cost €125 per adult and €50 per juvenile



Electric outboard motor with fully charged battery €15 with a refundable deposit of €35 on the safe return of motor in working order. Total €50 less deposit = €15

Fly rod, reel, line, leader with droppers, spare mono filament and a fly box with 6 traditional wet flies €15 with €25 refundable deposit total €40 less deposit = €15 on safe and working return of all the foregoing items (missing flies cost €1 each)

Landing net €2 with refundable deposit of €8 total €10 less deposit on safe return = €2

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